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If your school is not listed and you would like us to offer supply of your schools uniform, please e-mail us at with the appropriate school contact details, and we will see if this can be arranged.

If the school agrees we will forward to you a £20 discount code after we have received confirmation of the agreement. (Please note this offer only applies to the first recommendation to a particular school).

How do you like to manage your school's uniform?

We believe that all the schools and parents we serve are unique so we treat them as individuals, tailoring our reliable, professional online service and retail outlet to meet their needs. With over 20 years experience within the trade and all products tested for suitability and wear ability, we can deliver a range of products that we can confidently recommend and guarantee. Most schools direct parents to our service, cutting out the management and financial commitment that comes with holding stock.

Others like to buy their uniforms from us and sell it on. Some opt for a bit of both, maintaining some central school control. We can be a sole provider or just part of your supply chain. However you need your uniform to be managed, we’ll make it work. When you choose us, you’ll experience our unique approach to your individuality as well as a host of benefits.

You’ll reap the cost benefits of:

Our ‘direct to parents’ service also means:

When parents buy your school's uniform direct from us, they have fast and easy access to a one-stop, 24 hour shop through your dedicated webpage. This convenience is complemented by our guaranteed high quality products and Internet prices.

We supply communication material outlining guidance on measuring children and our attention to detail means that our garment sizes are accurate, minimising the level of returns. Most importantly, every order we receive is treated individually. We can 'embroider to order' so even if a parent orders a single item, it's delivered within 10-15 working days.

To learn more about our unique service please Contact Us

* subject to fair wear and tear evaluation